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Ask me anything

Posted on 13 09 16


In a world that seems to be ever-increasing in its hostility to the Bible and its validity, now more then ever we as Christians need to be clear on what we believe and know to be true.

Ask me anything is a night where you (yes, you) can ask our speakers any question that has been on your mind regarding the Bible; its History, Authenticity or Theology.

And we have a pretty high calibre team of people across all Change campuses to give you your answers

At Change Ellerslie, we are privileged enough to have Steve Burgess, the C3 Pacific and Christchurch Pastor, to come along and answer our burning questions. We trust his opinions on the topics you may throw his way, so you should too.

Pop along for an informative and entertaining night!

See you from 7pm for a free coffee




Coming Up at Change

We've Come a Long Way

Posted on 13 08 16


We used to have a little, now we have a lot
No matter where we go, we know where we came from.

Take a look around, we’re not a little baby anymore. Instead we’re a fully fledged young Adults ministry.

We’re going to take a wee look at how far we’ve really come. A bit of a history lesson, a bit a trip down memory lane. We may even pop in a few photos for you to reminisce over.

What we do have is a couple of stories about the impact that Change has had on a few of our people. We also have our girl Katrina sharing a message on multiply! And my goodness how we have multiplied at Change. This night is about increasing all areas of your life as we see multiplication within church and Change alike. We want you to grab ahold of what is going here, while remembering where we came from.

Such goodness.
Free coffee from 7pm as usual!