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Staying in the game

Posted on 29 03 16

staying in the gameWestern culture generally lends itself to being pretty superficial. More often than not, it can be pretty difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s just a mask, especially when all we’re presented with is everybody’s highlights reel.
Surrounded by an environment like that, we can easily end up just going through the motions of life, even when it comes to our faith there’s no exception.
Any sporting athlete will tell you that without having a raw passion for their sport there would be zero point competing, it’s that authentic belief that drives you forward. As soon as you lose your love for something and it becomes routine you forget why you were even doing it. What does an authentic faith look like and how do you maintain that when it feels like your surroundings are simply a shallow veneer?

Join us this coming Wednesday as James, Bessie, & Estelle lead the discussion through some of their own experiences and insights into what scripture has to say.

Free coffee/hot chocs from 7pm, service starts 7.30pm

We’ll be at one of these three locations.

20 Cawley Street, Ellerslie https://www.facebook.com/changeakld
6a Jack Conway Ave, Manukau https://www.facebook.com/changemanukau
539 Albany Highway, Albany https://www.facebook.com/changealbany

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Coming Up at Change

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