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Posted on 11 10 17

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Fun times and End times – sounds like a bit of an oxymoron… but you’ll know that at CHANGE, anything’s possible..
With the vast array of extreme breaking news, that constantly seems to be popping up each day on our devices and news feeds, it’s not hard to find ourselves thinking: is that us then?
Make no mistake – the world is heating up, but does it mean that it’s wrapping up?
This week at Change, our great friend — the extremely well researched and world renowned speaker — Sy Rogers, will be discussing his observation of the current world climate, what scripture says about the end times and some suggested approaches we should have as Christians.
For those who have heard Sy at previous Change services, you’ll know that no matter what he speaks on he tends to have an ability to keep you completely engrossed by his incredible content that is delivered in such an engaging and captivating way.
Join us from 7pm for fun times, free coffee,  and great community.
Service starts 7.30
This will be great night to bring any mates that are looking for a great young adult community to be part of.
– See you there!






Coming up at Change

Love From - The Company

Posted on 30 08 17

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The staff birthday card, the corporate Christmas gift – most of us have received one or the other. Either from our own employer or from various businesses we subscribe to.

Well meaning and probably honest, they seem to lack any soul and personalised effort from an individual.

We are called to love our neighbours. And as a church, we do a pretty good and sincere job, just look at our efforts with BEYOND. But how do we translate that into individualised and long-lasting interactions with our neighbours? How do we love our neighbours not as a corporate Christian entity, but as a single person with a world all around them?

This month at Change we’ll be hearing from a few of our local fav’s , Bessie Fan at our Ellerslie campus,  Ps Matt Buchan at our Albany campus and Ps Ben Te tai at our Manukau campus.

They’re going to get away from the ’oh-so-clichè’ tagline of “Loving your neighbour”, and instead get into the nitty gritty of what it means to actually love the people around you.

Free coffees, good people, conversation, the lot. 

It’s going to be a great night.

– Change Team