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Dinner parties

Posted on 30 08 17

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Coming up at Change

Life after the checklist

Posted on 16 08 17

life after the checklist

As Young Adults, we’re all about our checklists, to-do lists, and ultimately compartmentalising every little detail of our lives. Unfortunatley, sometimes our faith is included in this.
This month, us here at Change HQ want to challenge this.

Currently at church we’re focusing on the theme of BEYOND. We’re looking into the call we have as Christians to help those in need, the importance of looking after the orphan and the widow and the ulitmate goal of loving others, just as Jesus does.

As Westerners, loving others can sometimes just have it’s place on our checklists, right next to putting out the washing, updating our profile pictures or even going on a 2 week missions trip.

We know God has called us to¬†give over and above, to live beyond what’s next on our to-do lists and to love unconditionally.

The ever-intellectual Liam Janes is going to deliver a powerful word to encourage us to do just that.

Life After The Checklist.

We’ll all be hanging out for dessert and coffee afterwards.
It’s gonna to be great.