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How to adult : a panel

Posted on 21 07 17

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Are you pondering how to tackle the stage of life you’re in, or the next stage you’re going into? Feeling a wee bit apprehensive about what’s to come?

Funnily enough there are many young adults in our church wanting advice on family, relationships, finance, career, faith and how to be authentically successful. Lucky for you we have selected a great bunch of well informed people for our panel! All of which we think will be able to help you no matter what stage you’re at or going into.

We have the privilege of having David and Melissa Smitherman (CEO of Jeep NZ and Boss lady mum).

Trent and Jade Membrey (Our lovely Ellerslie Campus Pastors).

Katrina Coyle (Sunday extraordinaire and mama to be).

It’ll be the¬†perfect balance of informative, inspiring and also a wee bit cheeky (we’re looking at you Trina).

Come for free coffee and hangs from 7pm!

-Change Team




Coming up at Change

Change Bake-off 2017

Posted on 31 05 17

change bake off ( and cook off ) 2017

Change Bake-Off

So you think you can bake? Well were giving you the opportunity to make a star out of yourself and your goods.
It’s that time of year again when we see who has the best culinary skills to wow us all, and you get to use that gift for more than just a dinner party. This year we are extending the competition out to cooks too. So bring along your treats or dishes and we’ll get the best in the business to judge what you’re bring to the table.
Aside from the status of being simply the best, you get a wee prize for your efforts and a trophy with your name on it.